Our further menu offers

Soup taster in bowls:

Venison ragout soup with sour cream, mushroom and lemon, served in a bowl
Cheese celery soup with spicy croutons

Main course: Cottage platterdishes 27

  • Goose liver baked in oven
  • Grilled chicken drumsticks
  • Knuckle of pork baked in oven
  • Breaded turkey breast stuffed with cheese and ham
  • Puszta roast meat on a spit
  • Breaded mushroom
  • Tartar sauce, Mushroom sauce
  • Boiled vegetables, rice and fried potatoes

Salads: Coloured salads with vinaigrette

Dessert taster:dishes 5

Flambéed milk pie with apricot jam, and bottled apricots
Cake balls with walnut-hazelnut cream, in amaretto chocolate sauce and whipped cream roses
Pancakes filled with poppy seeds, served with hot sour cherry sauce

In case of foreign guests, we can recommend the kettle goulash with homemade nipped pasta instead of the ragout soup with sour cream and lemon.

Ragout soup a’la Mizse with sour cream and lemon served in a bowl

Roast platter:
Fillet mignon of mangalitza pork rolled in bacon with colored pepper sauce, buttered vegetables and fried potatoes
Grilled chicken breast filled with buttered vegetables
Breaded mushrooms stuffed with ewe cheese served with garlic sauce and rice

Fresh salads with olive oil

Cottage cheese milk pie with forest fruits sauce

In case of foreign guests, we can recommend the kettle goulash with homemade nipped pasta, instead of the deer soup with sour cream and lemon.

with plate service (min. 15 persons):dishes 20

In a form baked goose liver pate, with goose grease toast, quince puree and chips pork ear with paprika and tongue galantine with lemon, and with fresh horse radish, goose greaves, Gundel salad


Thigh of duck Mulard baked in oven with steamed cabbage
Trout filet with almond, served with mashed potatoes, remoulade sauce

Fresh mixed salads

Pancake filled with sweet cottage cheese with raisin, served with strawberry ice cream and cranberry sauce

Upon request we can colour this menu with a soup. E.g. green peas cream soup with cottage cheese stang.

with plate service (min. 15 persons):

Goose liver with rhubarb jam gerbeaud with browned walnut, and salad bouquet with lemon oil dressing
Salmon roll aging on maldon salt with vodka mint clementines, and roasted olived pineapple
Mangalitza galantine with quail egg, and fresh horse radish

Pheasant essence with liver ginger azyme ball, carved vegetables

Main course:
Roll of skinned pork filled with rosmarin quince pearl barley and red cabbage jam
In form stewed venison leg with potatoes pudding, with marasmius ragout
Chicken coins with vegetables on a bamboo spit served on a grilled zucchini canapé, with Thyme cream jus

Dessert taster:
Walnut hazelnut balls in a plum chocolate coat with gipsy cherry cognac
White chocolate mousse with raspberry

In case of foreign guests we recommend kettle goulash with homemade nipped pasta, instead of deer soup with sour cream and lemon.


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