For companies

company pageIn our csardas we give place to smaller meetings, corporate colloquiums, but we do not panic if we are requested holding an event for hundreds, maybe thousands of people. Our capacities and facilities permit fulfilling practically any needs with small reorganization.

The Tanyacsarda is regularly chosen for a location of serious discussions. Senior managers and top leadership of companies arrive in small groups typically to dot end of an important negotiation in a pleasant milieu in relaxed circumstances or to fascinate and to awe their partners in some cases. Foreign delegations turn up time to time, in this case we have to satisfy their individual needs. We always work individually tailored, we often write offers, menu cards, and scripts in more languages. All of these are extremely labour-intensive, it needs wide range of knowledge, experiences and open-mindedness.

As far as the csarda can be innerly and discrete in case of such an events, such like circumspect and diverse in case of big events.

Big company events are common in the csarda with hundreds, on occasion thousands number of guests. The 90th birthday of IBUSZ was a milestone in 1992, when we hosted 5000 people. Besides another really memorable happening was the grand opening of the Mercedes factory in 2012, our team had to do well on 20 external spots at the same time.

The expectations of the customers are higher and higher. While previously it was enough taking food and beverages to the external site in case of catering, nowadays also complete event organizational tasks are needed, for example ensuring of power, water and heating on location, tent, furniture, sound and light technics, decoration, hostesses, organizing programme … and everything which can still come up.

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Please choose from our programmes!

Beside the times of the guaranteed horse show at noon you can find more times on the bottom of the page if you click on the blue button 'Horse show schedule'.

Description of the programme:horse show 11

From 1130 a.m. arrival at the parking place of the New Tanyacsarda. Buses are greeted by horsemen then after getting off the bus guests walk to the yard of the csárda.

1130-1230 Guests are offered with freshly baked hot crackling scones and brandy under the walnut tree or in the summer shed. Guests take a walk in the Gipsy village. After it a horse carriage riding comes among the sand-hills of the Great-Plain /about 15 min./.

1230 Stud-riding, then guests walk to the grandstand, the horse show begins.

The programme:

  • horse show 10showing and leading the Lipizzaner stud
  • procession of the participants, greeting the guests
  • show of the "Puszta Ötös" coach and five
  • several field events of horse-herds: laying, sitting of horses, cracking a whip, competition of horse-herds
  • obstacle driving of coach and four
  • training of a donkey
  • playful contest with the guests: knocking down a bottle with of a whip
  • opportunity of riding a horse in pen
  • viewing of the stables
  • a walk to the Hungarian bullocks and racka sheep

After the show walk to the restaurant.

Our stud director or the guide of the group give some information related to the show by microphone; this makes the programme review easier.

The field of the horse show:horse show 1

The field of the horse show is sandy. On one side of this area we have a modern design thatched tribune, which suits reception of 600 people simultaneously, so it is no problem if it's raining.

After the horse show our guest can take a walk around our little animal farm, which is full with indigenous animals: Hungarian grey cattle, „racka” sheep, donkeys, in the poultry-yard turkeys, ducks and guinea fowls, in the bird house other bird genera can be visited.

In case of seperate order at any time we gladly remain at your disposal.

Buses are sthorse show 3opped by horsemen holding a torch. Guests are offered with freshly baked hot crackling scones and brandy. Then they get on horse carriages and drive to the field of the show, the grandstand at moonlit night.

The lights turn on, the music starts and the horse show begins.

The programme:

  • showing and leading of the Lipizzaner stud
  • procession of the participants, greeting the guests
  • show of the "Puszta Ötös" coach and five
  • several field events of horsemen: horses laying, sitting, cracking a whip, competition of horsemen

horse show 6The lights go out and bonfires are blazing. Witches arrive riding on a horse-drawn cart.

Dance of witches then a Gipsy dance show.

Playful contest with the guests, knocking down a bottle with a whip, and it is followed by visiting the stables, walking to the Hungarian Grey Cattles and to the Racka sheep.

The suggested time of starting the programme is 21.30. It is also possible to connect the programme with a dinner and Gipsy music either in the Old or in the New Tanyacsarda. The suggested time of starting the dinner is 20.00.

We offer the following menus:

Menu a la „Gulyás”:
Hungarian kettle goulash,
Flaming milk pie,
Red and white wine from carafe, water
Menu a la „Alföld”:
Hungarian kettle goulash,
Pork chops with Tanya ragout and mixed garnish on a wooden plate,
Flaming milk pie,
Red and white wine from carafe, water
Menu a la „Puszta”:
Hungarian kettle goulash,
Pork chops with Tanya ragout and mixed garnish on a wooden plate,
Farm salad,
Flaming milk pie, fruit
Coffee with milk
Red and white wine from carafe, mineral water
Menu a la „Csikós”:
Grandma’s bouillon with pasta and vegetables,
Grilled pork and poultry meats with mixed garnish and “lecsó” on a wooden plate,
Farm salad,
Flaming milk pie, fruit
Coffee with milk,
Red and white wine from carafe, mineral water
Menu a la „Czardas”:
Hungarian kettle goulash,
Different kinds of grilled meats and kebab with mixed garnish,
Farm salad,
Flaming milk pie, fruit
Coffee with milk,
Red and white wine from carafe, mineral water
Menu a la „Hungarian”:
Hungarian kettle goulash,
platter of plenty with goose liver, roast meat on a spit, mixed garnish, stewed vegetables from the garden,
Farm salad,
Flaming milk pie, fruit
Coffee with milk,
Red and white wine from carafe, mineral water

Csárdás menü_kisméretű

Wedding menu with folklore
The guests amuse themselves together with the parents of the bride, the bridegroom and with the young couple, of course. The guests are entertained by dancers. The serving of the menu is commenced by the best man inviting the guests to join him. We invite the guests with brandy and hot crackling scones baked in an open-air oven.

Menu of the wedding:
ragout soup
traditional "crony plate": breaded goose liver, roasted chicken, roasted pork a’la Kofa, puszta kebab, stewed vegetables from the garden
bottled fruit, mixed salad
bride’s favourite cake
coffee with milk
1/2 l red and white wine from carafe, mineral water
glass of champagne to congratulate the young couple

Kings’ feast:
At arrival the guests are offered appetizing "puszta" cocktail and fruits. They have a look at the dishes cooked in the open air.

Menu of the Kings' feast:
kettle goulash and ragout soup
royal platter: in an open air oven baked goose liver, chicken roasted on a spit, crispy roasted pork, tendeloin medallion, kebabs, stewed vegetables from the garden, mushroom sauce
mixed salad
flaming milk pie, fruit
coffee with milk
1/2 l red and white wine from carafe, mineral water
1 glass of Tokaji aszú

These menus can be combined with horse show as well.

Our further menu offers

folklor 1Mini folklore show: 4 dancers and a Gipsy band

Small folklore show: 6 dancers and a Gipsy band

Big folklore show: 8 dancers and a Gipsy band


According to your wishes the programme can be completed with a singer.

During the meal our dancers amuse the guests with folklore programme. The dancers perform popular Hungarian and Gipsy dances. For example the dance of the girls with wine-bottles, the dance of the boys with their sticks, and the kissing dance with the shawl, etc. At the end of the lunch or dinner the guests and the dancers dance together.folklor 2

Peasant wedding - gaiety, funny games, excellent amusement
The guests pass the time together with the parents of the bride and bridegroom and with the young couple at the wedding. The guests are entertained by dancers and Gipsy music. The serving of the wedding dinner is commenced by the best man inviting the participants to join him.

folklor 3Gipsy show
Original Gipsy dances, dance with the guests, showing the real temper and the customs of the Gipsies, among other dances the wooden spoon and the shawl dance with the kiss.

Village folklore with several generations
The guests are waited by a whole village at the wedding party in the Tanyacsarda. We recall authentic, nice, old customs and dances. The wedding dinner is served according to the old traditions.

Brabecue-party (from buffet table)

Show kitchen: Our chefs cook the goulash in a pot in front of the guests, grill the grilled meat on a wooden grill cart. (In case of bad weather, we cook the meat on an electric grill.)

Guests can choose from a selection of grilled meats and a salad bar.

A „Barbecue- party” can be the perfect supplementary programme in case of corporate events and other gatherings.

lezerharc 1The first outdoor war game that causes no pain and has zero negative influence on the environment. This is an ideal possibility to play war games for such people who up till now could only play in front of their computer and who fears a real life combat because of the danger of injuries. The lasertag games could also take place in protected areas or on a larger field between houses. The game can be accomplished in nearly every environment in absolute security without any protecting outfit.

The equipment provided by us consists of the following elements:
- Laser weapon (gun)
- Headband-sensor
- Laser grenade
- Scenario Master Software (in case of the scenario game)

The weapons work in a similar way as TV remote controls within the known spectrum of infrared light and for the human eyes absolutely harmless. Two or more teams can play this game simultaneously. lezerharc 2The different game types provide endless possibilities. The game master (in case of scenario games) can create teams with different number of participants, which also can be varied during the game. Within a team the players can become a different status, which can influence the functions of the used equipments (to be programmed). Examples of such functions are: VIP person, terrorist, bodyguard or sniper. At the end of the game each player receives an individual qualifying report (in case of the scenario game). The report contains the number of 'hits' on the playfield and other information on individual performance.

Also women prove to be good fighters and are craving for this laser game!

kocsikazas 1The guests arriving at the parking of the Tanyacsarda are waited by horse carriages. They get on the carriages. The pleasure-drive is about 10 kilometres long, the guests can get acquainted with the varied and nice scenery of the Hungarian Puszta. On the way they stop at a farm, the owner meets them. The host and the hostess offer brandy and scones to the guests.

The owner shows them his property and invites them to a lunch. Homemade wine is served to the lunch.


- peasant meat platter
- cold goose liver
- green pepper, tomato, cucumber and onions
- mixed cheeses, spicy cottage cheese
- homemade roll stuffed with jam
- fruit
- coffee, wine, soda

The programme takes approx. 3 hours long.

fozotanfolyam 1Playful cookery course with lunch or dinner

During this programme the guests can bake in an open-air oven, roast on a spit and cook in a kettle pot. They can learn it in an original, pure Hungarian peasant surrounding.
The guests are received by the chef, who greets them with a drink and tells stories about his cooking experiences. The cooking starts. The participants work with either raw or pre-cooked ingredients. They cook goulash soup in a kettle pot, roast chicken on a spit, mix the ingredients of milk pie and bake it.
After the work everybody can taste the meal, including the dishes made by the guests themselves. While our new "guestfozotanfolyam 2 cooks" have their own cooking, they can listen to Gipsy music. We serve red or white wine from carafe and mineral water.

We organize cookery course from 5-10 persons even till 300 persons. Preparation of 10-15 dishes is possible at the same time.

The programme can also be completed with a horse show.

gulyás party 2Arrival at the parking of the New Tanyacsarda. The buses are greeted by horsemen, then after getting off the guests are offered hot crackling scones and brandy under the walnut tree or in the summer shed.

Then the guests can take part in a carriage riding among the sand-hills of the Great-Plain.

Stud-riding, then the guests walk to the grandstand. Horse show starts with the introduction of a Lipizzaner stud, followed by the procession of the participants, greeting the guests. The programme continues with a show of the "Puszta Ötös" coach and five, obstacle driving of coach and four, several field events of horsemen: laying, sitting of horses, cracking a whip, competition of horsemen etc.
After the show the guests walk to the yard of the Tanyacsarda, where the chefs cook the goulash in a kettle pot.

Lunch with Gipsy music.

gulyás party 1The menu of Hungarian goulash party:

  • cold peasant plate
  • kettle goulash with self- service
  • flaming milk-pie
  • wine from carafe, as much as you like

After the meal farewell from the Csárda and the Puszta or the guests take part in an afternoon programme.

nosztalgia gozos 1Nostalgia locomotive leaves Budapest "Ferenc József" railway station, or by choosing a shorter route it leaves “Üllő” station. The staff of the train makes authentic the travel to the past in genuine costume. The furniture and atmosphere of the train reflects the memories of the beginning of century. On the way in traditional costume- dressed staff offers the guests with refreshments and in the meantime an accordion-player entertains them.

At arrival at Lajosmizse village the train is stopped by horsemen, they "abduct" one or two lady passengers to make the whole mood even better. The others are taken to the scene of the horse show by horse carriages.

After the show the guests have their lunch or dinner in the Tanyacsarda.

An original peasant wedding can also complete this programme.

Price of the programme: after inquiry.

okorsutes 1Rich and delicious menu with bonfire for "Barbecue- party" style evenings. It is a romantic, spectacular and unique experience!

An ox is turned on a spit by our chefs in front of the guests. They can help the chefs with the turning and carving it ceremonially.

A recommended menu:

- Ragout soup „Mizse” style

- Larded ox with steamed cabbage and mashed potatoes

- Flaming milk pie

We recommend this programme only for groups with larger number of participants. (up to 100 people)

Our new programme – so called puszta adventure – is a real experience, where participants perform different tasks, which contain airy and entertaining elements.


Trabant ground

Driving technique with trabants - Trabant slalom with animators
It is fun to try and pine for an old GDR vehicle. Trabant slalom is a skill task, during it an obstacle course should be carried out – without mistake. We say it with experience, everybody will like it.

Giant Trabant puzzle
Trabant transfer
Trabant rally
Trabant painting - Pimp my Trabi

terepjáróJeep/Off-road course - Driving technique with instructors
Our guests can practise to solve more complicated positions on the ground being on the verge of angular offsets – seem to be dangerous – with the help of our experienced instructors. Everybody can try how to drive a real jeep on the ground.

Bicycle course - Tricksome bikes
We can do team racing with the bikes or guests can just simply try it.

Balance bike
Rodeo bike
Tricksome trike
Inverse bike

More and more popular four-wheeled off-road motorcycle can get to know on appointed courses, after appropriate training. Driving vehicles can easily be done, it is recommended also for ladies and it gives lasting experience for all participants. A few quads are perfect adventure for more hours in case of events with more hundreds of persons.

Building Formula 1 carsForma 1-es autóépítés (2)

The programme provides unforgettable experiences. It is an extra-spectacular teambuilding programme, which can be easily pointed.
Teams can build better and better spectacular Formula 1 car on four alike chassis with the same given base materials, in which two types of winner will be announced: the fastest team and the nicestly decorated vehicle.
The activity lasts approximately 2 hours, it depends on what size teams in numbers take a part in this game.

’Quatro Fityó’Quatro fityó

Funny efficiency programme 4 hours long. ’Quatro Fityó’ is a unique designed Polski Fiat car. Not anybody can drive this car. Moreover one person is not enough to it. Team is needed, 4 people, who battle together with this tricking vehicle. The pilot sits on the right side and twist the steering wheel not anyway as a habit because the little naughty doesn’t turn that way and if we forget it, it plays uglily a joke on us. In the team the other 3 persons get tasks, one of them clutches, the other one gives gas and the brake is also handled by someone, if the situation necessitates. They have to work together in order to be a perfect relationship with the car. If there is concordance in the team, the adventure gives sense of achievement out of joy. Teams with 4 people can try themselves on the skill course. This programme is also a teambuilding race, too.

buggy trophy

Buggy Trophy skill programme

During fun events it can be tried on a simple skill course. For teambuilding events we combine the skill course with „imitated service tasks”. Like this the passenger next to the driver gets role. The fulfilment of the course and the tasks can be solved in pairs, it can be scored, that’s why it is perfect for teambuilding.

Karapult 1 (25)


League of catapults

First of all the participants build up these giant structures (it takes ca.40 minutes). After the preparations the competitors can try their skills in target shooting (they shoot with basketballs). 8-10 persons are necessary to operate the catapult.


Archery – with leading of a world champion and animators
We offer a possibility to try ancestral weapons. We provide bows, arrows, targets, instructors. We help everybody (children women and men) to be given a sense of achievement.

lezerharc 1

Laser fight in the small forest
Anybody can have a great play, ladies and gentlemen, children and adults, those who are lively, and a little bit sluggish. Game can be played by more groups in time with the endless facilities of play categories. Our high-tech guns give different effects in case of shot and hit. The first realistic outdoor war game that causes no pain and has zero negative influence on the environment. The game can be accomplished in nearly every environment in absolute security without any protecting outfit.

buborékfociBubble soccer
Rules of the bubble soccer is the same as the rules of football. There is only one difference, players can attack or knock over themselves openly, with impunity. This “devilish” construction, the balloon itself protects its holder from any injuries, grazes, accidents. Players are protected from neck until knees by the balloon, so any attack will be an experience.

Treasure-hunt with a GPS

The active GPS navigation treasure-hunt programme in the nature is an outdoor team game, it is the little brother of geocaching, which is very popular in our country as well. The participants of the game form groups and they have to find more hidden boxes with the help of GPS namely satellite positioning. Treasure hunters have to use their head because in this game they have to solve different riddles for going-on. It is an interesting, exciting team game. It doesn’t involve particular physical effort but that team has more chance to find the boxes, which navigates well and ’puts on the pace’.

Blow-up live table footballfelfújható csocso1

The different branches of football are claimed and liked almost in every events. In blow-up live table football 2 times 5 people play in teams as in a common table football.

Wheel change

For the best teams in Formula 1 a couple of seconds are enough to change the wheels. I wonder for you how much time do you need to change the wheels on a racing car or a retro trabant?!

Co-creation –making a painting

Success of the co-creation! We offer a special programme, where everybody takes part in the co-creation because everybody can paint. Our animators give a helping hand to the guests and the huge picture is born in this way, which can decorate the wall of the company as an etern644al relic. The union of the co-creation and the creativity is a real teambuilding game, in which everybody gets role and the lots of hand meet with collective success.

We ensure a linen stretched for a frame (we agree on its size further on), on which we draw or paint an in advanced agreed pattern (e.g. two interlacing hands, the logo of the company, number 30, etc.). This pattern will be dyed by the guests with their fingers plunged in colour.
Our artist animators inspect the programme and the making of the painting.

Folk crafts:

Our agricultural programme suggestions:

Works related to agriculture and animal husbandry are being done by the guests who are not familiar with them, though these jobs are very common for the people living nearby.

Cleaning and painting horse tacks
Cleaning of two stable stalls, and filling them with hay
Turning over and raking of soil, and planting of beans
Cleaning and drying of a horse and cart


PusztasíParticipants form several teams with different names, battle cries and then the games can begin. Winners will be awarded on local. Awards can be: apricot brandy in small bottle, bottle of wine, paprika garlang, etc.

1. Knocking down the bottle with a whip

2. Throwing horse-shoes
3. Pushing the wheelbarrow

4. Sack race
5. Game with a wine-taster
6. Puszta ski
7. Finding needles in the hay stack

tűThe “Puszta” Olympics can be complemented with the following EXTRA GAMES:

Goose diving
Egg rolling
Donkey polo
Two-in-hand coach driving


szureti mulatsag 1We offer hot crackling scones and apricot brandy to the arriving guests under the walnut-tree.

We try to represent a real grape harvest with grapes, fruits, barrels and grape-pressers. We present the action of the must-making (grinding and pressing of the grape). The guests are involved in the process of the wine-making then everybody can try the fresh made must.

Special festive meals are prepared in kettles in front of the guest. The guests can take part in carriage riding and horse show.

Travelling to the puszta by retro busutazas busszal 1

We take transportation of guests from any point of the land. On demand guests are attended by staff dressed in traditional costume. Of course apricot brandy and fresh baked hot crackling scones (pogácsa) can not be missed on the bus.

utazas busszal 2

western party 1American Western party in the original Hungarian Puszta

Not only our horse-show is spiced by an original western show but dishes will be tabled which are suitable to the occasion.

At the entrance guests are welcomed by western mood.

Our waiters are dressed in cowboy style: they serve guests in jeans, checked shirt, head scarf in their neck.

Spreading of the table and decoration reflect trustworthily the mood of western pubs.

Arriving guests are welcomed with buffet table, where buffallo meat in bun, fresh baked cottage cheese pogácsa with pumpkin seed can be found. Great flavours can be flushed with whiskey, soft drinks and beer.

On demand we barbecue in show kitchen in front of the guests which is an inevitable part of the western party. Guests can help to spin and slice the barbecue.

Western lunch menu (buffet table or served):

Cold fruit cream soup Mexican pullet ragout soup

Main courses:
Colorado chicken wings with chili sauce
Grilled sausages with hunter salad
Texas roast meat with blueberry-wined oyster mushroom ragout
Canada turkey medallion with fried potatoes
Prairie ox meat with steamed cabbage, rice with corn (barbecue on demand)

Salad bar:
Fresh vegetables and dressings

Giant pie with maple syrup walnut dumps with hot chocolate

Our programme offers for forenoon and afternoon
Guests form teams, one and one kin. These kins compete with each other during the day, rotating among the spots. Achievements of kins are evaluated in every games and awarded at the end of the day. We recommend the following tasks for the kins.

Guests can choose from varied western programmes, such as

scoring of arrival’s dress tribal face painting preparation: making indian head-piece, sabretache from leather, tribal wreath archery competition rodeo bull, milking cows, lasso throwing, sack running, finding needles in the hay stack, arm wrestling championship country dance house setting fire, treasure hunting and a lot of interesting programmes like that.

Western show
The music show contains all of the elements that make our view regarding Wild West rich and coloured. Indian horse show with archery, lance throwing. Western village circumstance with cowboys, gun-affair, horse persecution, drawning by rope. Trick riding with spectacular elements, riding through the fire.

In fancy dress with music, 4 horsemen, 4 figurants with anchor-man: 30 minutes

csaladinap 1If you have found the right time and have determined the headcount, then please call us and entrust the organization of the family day to us!

Large terraces, rooms and outdoor areas of the Old and the New Tanyacsarda are capable for a high-standard event location.

After we have chosen together the proper location, we help with the programme editing. Programmes can be grouped about one conception, but it is also possible organizing a family day without syllabus. The main thing is that young and old people feel well and spend a happy day together.

csaladinap 2A taste of our programmes, without completeness:

stud riding and horse show
ride in horse-drawn carriages in the puszta
cooking together with the guests – cookery courses or cooking competition
face-painting and activity with craftsmen
Puszta Olympic Games – playful content
archery – leading of dual world champion
sibyl, wise woman vaticinates
amusement park for children and adults

rodeo bull,
blow-up obstacle race with slide,
living table soccer,
adventure park,
quads, jeeps
skittles, tug-of-war

football ground
table soccer, ping-pong, air hockey on the table
bubble soccer
hot-air balloon
tasting of candy floss

csaladinap 3Beside the programme of the family day we help to get up the gastronomy supply of the event. Beyond bean goulash, sausage and pancake we have several ideas to make unforgettable this day. Lot of our guests come back to us with pleasure after grilling together, barbecue and delicious bites.

old tanyacsarda 1At the Old and the New Tanyacsarda more locations are at disposal, which are ideal for trainings and meetings. Please choose the Tanyacsarda and you can be sure that you will clear your time and money, sith you choose a peaceful and well-equipped spot, where efficient work can be undisturbed. Our master chefs look after that guests partake in culinary enjoyments.



What we offer:

  • four different locations (per csarda) depends on the number, maybe meeting in the puszta
  • ensuring technical equipmentsmeeting 1
  • tasting of home-made hot crackling scones (pogácsa) or sweet cookies or fresh fruits in the breaks
  • freshly made Caffé Perté coffee, cappuccino, tea,
    mineral water, soft and pop drinks all day long
  • delicious lunch menus made by our master chefs
  • free kept parking
  • supplementary programmes as required

mezőgazdasági program 1We offer many agricultural programmes for those, who are experts in agriculture or for those groups from abroad, who are interested in the Hungarian agriculture. Programmes can be transacted also in foreign languages with the help of the tour guide.

The following opportunities can be chosen:

Presentation of grain (rye) fields in the neighbourhood of Lajosmizse
Presentation of grain fields also with polytunnel (wheat, barley, rye, millet, alfalfa) in Tiszakécske
Visiting a strawberry land in Lajosmizse
Presentation of bearing surfaces nearby Lajosmizse, such as apple, plum, apricot, cherry and others…
Visiting an organic farm
Sight of the Zwack Palinka Manufactory in Kecskemét with brandy tasting
Visiting a goose ranch in the neighbourhood of Lajosmizse
Sight of the equestrian ranch of the Tanyacsárda with Lipizzaner horses locally – New Tanyacsárda
Presentation of a beeves (also grey cattle) ranch in Kocsér

Programme can be combined with a pleasant lunch/dinner at the Old or the New Tanyacsárda according to your need, perhaps with a horse show as well.


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