NYITVATARTÁS: MINDEN NAP 11:00 - 22:00 óráig

For travel agencies

horse show 12The most beloved programme of the travel agencies are the famous horse shows at the New Tanyacsárda. The location of the horse show is the specifically developed sandy area. Guests can view the show from a modern designed, thatched tribune. Everybody is waited for our midday guaranteed horse show, beside noon we hold also horse shows at in advance agreed time, there are 5-6 horse shows per day in season. Programme goes in a jolly pin from the first minute. Arriving guests will be welcomed by wranglers, after that they walk to the court of the csarda. They will be welcomed with fresh baked hot crackling scones (pogácsa) and brandy (pálinka) under the walnut-trees, respectively in the summer shed, they can also ride in pen.

According to need after that carriage ride can follow along the sand hills of the Great Hungarian Plain (or Puszta) or the horse show itself by serious choreography. When performers go on parade, viewers can see the famous “Puszta Five”, several skill tasks of horsemen (horse laying down and horse sitting, whip cracking, horsemen’s competition), obstacle driving of coach and four, and training of a donkey.

slider 4In the area of the New Tanyacsárda guests can meet with herds of horses and various native animals such as the Hungarian grey cattle, racka sheep, donkey and in the poultry-yard: turkey, duck, guinea-hen, furthermore other poultries can be found in the house of birds.

Further activities

Horse programmes can be combined with Puszta Olympic Games, cooking course or cooking competition. On demand nowadays Puszta Olympic Games take place in more languages, games are acted to weather, actualities and season, there are lots of indoor (which can be played also in the winter season) games.

At the beginning cooking course meant only making a goulash, but nowadays it can happened with participating 200-300 persons and in more groups, in some cases they prepare 10-15 sorts of dishes, elements of a complete menu.

Guests can arrive by nostalgic train, by retro bus, and to make things better by Trabant (type of car). Guests can come to know the farmer’s work and methods in the neighbourhood organised by the team of the csarda.

Within the frame of the wide range of events guests can look into the daily routine of an original Hungarian farm, or they can choose traditional programmes: Hungarian folklore show, gipsy show or a show with the mood of a peasant wedding promise a memorable recreation.

Guests can participate at an original Hungarian goulash-party or a grill-party organised in the backyard beside live gipsy music. They can help to barbecue an ox, a pig or chickens, or they can prepare courses themselves with the help of the chef during the cooking course.

We get a lots of laudation because of our flexibility, many animators, so we pay attention to each members of the groups.



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