Dear engaged couple,

We would like to help you with the organisation of your wedding. Our aim is to make your wedding and the wedding reception one of the most beautiful events of your life.

We can help you with the ceremony and the wedding reception as well. You can trust us in case of both a traditional wedding and a modern event.

More than 30 years of experience and hundreds of successful wedding prove us!


  • esküvői szolgáltatások 1organisation and arrangement of both church wedding and civil ceremony
  • make- up of the menu of your festive lunch or dinner (included drinks)
  • decoration
  • photographer, cameraman
  • music
  • driver- service, taxi - service
  • bus-transfer
  • accommodations
  • order of cakes
  • firework
  • chocolate fountain
  • ice cream, ice statues

and other things that you imagine and want, we will realize!

esküvői szolgáltatások 2

esküvői menük 1Menu I

- Hen broth Újházi style (boneless or with bone according to your choice)
Paste: Shell- shaped paste, vermicelli, mulberry-leaf shaped paste
- Veal paprikash with small dumplings or mutton stew with salt potatoes
- Mixed salad: cucumber and tomato salad
- Plenty platter for brother-in-laws:
Roasted goose liver, chicken leg and breast stuffed with roll and mushroom, Wiener Schnitzel (made of veal) or breaded filet mignon of pork, boiled rice, roasted vegetables, spicy fried potatoes
- After midnight from buffet table: mini stuffed cabbage a’la Székelyföld with sour cream and dill
+ leftover roasts from the dinner

Menu II

esküvői menük 2- Wedding soup a’la Mizse of pork or poultry (with tarragon or dill)
- Beef stew with red wine with small dumplings and salt potatoes
- Season mixed salad
- Wedding platter:
Pork a’ la "Kofa", Chicken breast fillet rolled in bacon,
Sea fish filet a’la Orly, Breaded mushroom heads, parsley potatoes, fried potatoes, rice with peas, Tartar sauce
- After midnight from buffet table: breaded chicken leg, breast, wings + leftover roasts from the dinner

Menu III

- Beef broth with mulberry-leaf- shaped paste and vegetables
- Cock stew with square shaped pasta or wild-boar stew with juniper, salt potatoes
- Homemade farm salad
- Wedding platter for parents of the bride and bridegroom:
Breaded duck liver, Grilled pork chops with spice, Pullet breast a’la Paris, Buttered vegetables and mushroom, Fried potatoes, boiled rice, parsley potatoes
- After midnight from buffet table: “pig killing” dishes (liverwurst with rice, black pudding with roll, sausage with garlic and caraway) with steamed cabbage and Hungarian mashed potatoes
+ leftover roasts from the dinner
esküvői menük 3

Menu IV

We serve the soup and the stew, the roasts are offered from the buffet table.

- Pheasant broth a’la Újházi (boneless)
Paste: Shell- shaped paste, vermicelli, mulberry-leaf shaped paste according to your choice)
- Veal stew with salt potatoes and small dumplings
- Season mixed salad
- Roasts from buffet table:
Stuffed roast duck a’la Mizse roasted as a whole (liver and roll filling), Breaded pork slice, Turkey breast stuffed with cheese a’la Paris, Breaded mushroom heads, boiled rice, fried potatoes, roasted cabbage with onion and bacon, tartar sauce
- After midnight from buffet table: mini stuffed cabbage a’la Székelyföld
+ leftover roasts from the dinner

Menu V. - seated, buffet dinner with show-kitchen

Chicken ragout soup with season vegetables (boneless)
- Fruit cream soups (made of season fruits)

Main courses:
- Venison stew a’la Gemenc with dumplings of Grandma
- We grill the following meats on a grill plate or on a grill cart:
Chicken breast marinated in yoghurt
Pork marinated in mustard
Grey cattle rump-steak marinated in rosemary oil
Mini hamburgers
Garnishes: grilled vegetables, potatoes a’la Baker

Salad bar:
Fresh salads with dressings

After midnight from buffet table:
Taster of cheese specialties and season fruits
+ leftover roasts from the dinner

esküvői menük 4

Menu VI -seated, buffet dinner

Cold starters:
- Goose liver terrine with vitamin salad
- Fish appetizers (salmon rose, trout with vegetable)
- Pleated chicken breast
- Pork fillet mignon filled with sausage roasted in a net
- Corn salad with mayonnaise and apple
- Torn, fresh salad with olives

Soups in cups:
- Guinea fowl consommé with vegetables and snail shaped pasta
- Fruit cream soup

Hot dishes:
- Game meat ragout with Porcini mushrooms and potato doughnut
- Spring chicken breast medallions marinated in Tokaj wine with vermicelli with vegetables
- Knuckle of veal baked in oven a’la Jóasszony (with bacon, mushroom and onion) with spicy fried potatoes
- Beef stew in red wine with small dumplings with dill and cottage cheese
- Vegetarians’ favourite dish (fried and breaded vegetables with green spices)

- Fresh, mixed salad with yoghurt dressing
- Icy pickled cucumber

- Bourbon vanilla pudding with season fruit concassé
- Sponge cake a’la Somló with chocolate sauce with cherry
- Mixed cakes

Cheese platter
Rolls with linseeds
Korland bread
Homemade bread baked in oven
After midnight
- Mini stuffed cabbage a’la Székelyföld with sour cream and dill
+ leftover roasts from the dinner

Menu VII - seated, served and buffet dinner

- Boneless hen broth a’la Újházi with snail shaped pasta in a bowl (served)

From buffet table:
- Pork paprikash with mushroom, pasta with ewe cheese
- Mutton stew a’la Szentmiklós with caraway potatoes
- Roast duck with liver filling, cabbage with apple
- Pork medallions in seedy breadcrumbs, with fried potatoes
- In bacon rolled pullet breast filled with feta cheese with rice with vegetables
- Egg-coated mushroom heads
- Tartar sauce

Homemade mixed pickles
- Fresh salad with dressings

After midnight from buffet table:
Roast chicken or breaded chicken with salad (e.g. potato salad with mayonnaise)
+ leftover roasts from the dinne

latvanykonyha 1A show kitchen awaits the arriving guests in the yard of the csárda.

Our chefs cook the goulash or the stew in a kettle in front of the guests. They grill the meat continually on glowing embers and chickens and/ or a pig are turned on a spit.

The prepared meals get to the festive table.

menyasszonyrablasBride abduction with the help of a coach

Our horsemen whip on the stud, after that in an unguarded moment the bride is kidnapped. The bridegroom follows the robbers on horseback (or he walks together with the wedding guests) to the grandstand, here meets the young couple. After that field event, the bridegroom ransoms the kidnapped bride. The task of the bridegroom is to knock down a bottle with a whip.



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