Horse show

horse show 7Beside the times of the guaranteed horse show at noon you can find more times on the bottom of the page if you click on the blue button 'Horse show schedule'.

Description of the programme:

Arrival at the parking place of the New Tanyacsarda. Buses are greeted by horsemen then after getting off the bus guests walk to the yard of the csárda.

Guests are offered with freshly baked hot crackling scones and brandy under the walnut tree or in the summer shed. Guests take a walk in the Gipsy village. After it a horse carriage riding comes among the sand-hills of the Great-Plain /about 15 min./.

Stud-riding, then guests walk to the grandstand, the horse show begins.

The programme:

  • horse show 10showing and leading the Lipizzaner stud
  • procession of the participants, greeting the guests
  • show of the "Puszta Ötös" coach and five
  • several field events of horse-herds: laying, sitting of horses, cracking a whip, competition of horse-herds
  • obstacle driving of coach and four
  • training of a donkey
  • playful contest with the guests: knocking down a bottle with of a whip
  • opportunity of riding a horse in pen
  • viewing of the stables
  • a walk to the Hungarian bullocks and racka sheep

After the show walk to the restaurant.

Our stud director or the guide of the group give some information related to the show by microphone; this makes the programme review easier.

The field of the horse show:

The field of the horse show is sandy. On one side of this area we have a modern design thatched tribune, which suits reception of 600 people simultaneously, so it is no problem if it's raining.

After the horse show our guest can take a walk around our little animal farm, which is full with indigenous animals: Hungarian grey cattle, „racka” sheep, donkeys, in the poultry-yard turkeys, ducks and guinea fowls, in the bird house other bird genera can be visited.

In case of seperate order at any time we gladly remain at your disposal.

horse show 3Buses are stopped by horsemen holding a torch. Guests are offered with freshly baked hot crackling scones and brandy. Then they get on horse carriages and drive to the field of the show, the grandstand at moonlit night.

The lights turn on, the music starts and the horse show begins.

The programme:

  • showing and leading of the Lipizzaner stud
  • procession of the participants, greeting the guests
  • show of the "Puszta Ötös" coach and five
  • several field events of horsemen: horses laying, sitting, cracking a whip, competition of horsemen

horse show 6The lights go out and bonfires are blazing. Witches arrive riding on a horse-drawn cart.

Dance of witches then a Gipsy dance show.

Playful contest with the guests, knocking down a bottle with a whip, and it is followed by visiting the stables, walking to the Hungarian Grey Cattles and to the Racka sheep.

The suggested time of starting the programme is 21.30. It is also possible to connect the programme with a dinner and Gipsy music either in the Old or in the New Tanyacsarda. The suggested time of starting the dinner is 20.00.

We have Lipizaner and Hungarian halfbred rearing. We try to select the sporthalfbred horses to pale colour. Every year 15 foals are born on average. The majority of them are Lipizaner breed. The task of the rearing is to compose supply to horse shows and to produce breed coach and saddle horses for sale.

Those breed Lipizaner and halfbred coach horses, who went from our rearing, enhance the Hungarian and foreign coach and two and coach and four. Moreover, these horses serve hobby purposes, too. Our Hungarian halfbred horses are suitable for hobby saddle and driver horse. Every year 10-15 horses are sold on average. The upbringing of the foals happens in stud-keeping. We move the foals 4-5 kilometres every day between deep sand lie of the land.

We get positive feedback from our customers for the good constitutional stability of our horses. On our yard we constantly sell carriage and saddle horses.

If you click on the button below, you can view the horse show schedules.
At the moment you can see only the planned horse shows. We assert the rights to change the programmes.
We suggest you to check in in advance either via telephone (Tel: +36 76 356 010) or in e-mail (tanyacsarda@tanyacsarda.hu) if you would like to take part in our horse show.


Stable of the Tanyacsarda

At the moment 110 horses and foals can be found at the horse ranch of the Tanyacsarda. By their types there are Lipizzaner and Hungarian half-blood, but most of them belong to the kind of Lipizzaner. 15 foals are born on average per year.

Origin of the Lipizzaner horse:
Its kind is more than 430 years old. It was bred during the Austro-Hungary Monarchy for command of Archduke Charles II, in the territory of current Lipica in Slovenia. They wished to breed an excellent, hard structured horse for the imperial court who shows magnificence and wealth in its character.

It has 8 kins: Pluto, Conversano, Favory, Maestoso, Neapolitano, Siglavy Capriola, Incitato, Tulipan.

Its colour is mostly grey, but it occurs also in black and bay colour. It cannot pass in any other colour. Lipizzaner horse has shaped to quite uniform looks during more than four centuries. Its external signs are masterfully recognizable (powerful, action running). At the Tanyacsárda 15 kin-mares and their growth can be found (approx. 60-70 pieces). Currently there is a serve-stud from the kin Tulipan at the ranch. Serve-studs are changed per 2-5 years or there was more serve-studs at the same time at the ranch.

Sale: it is possible from the chosen ages until the full-blown, trained ages.


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