1-2nd November 2014 Saturday-Sunday
Dishes made of game meat at the Old Tanyacsarda
These days delicious dishes made of game meat are prepared by our master chefs.



8-11th November 2014 Saturday-Tuesday
Goose dishes on Martin’s day at the Old Tanyacsarda
There is a phrase in Hungary: “If you don’t eat goose on Martin’s Day, you will starve all the year round.” These days we offer dishes made of goose to our guests.


14-16th November 2014 Friday-Sunday Goose dishes on Martin’s day


22-23rd November 2014 Saturday-Sunday
In honour of Elizabeth and Katherine name day again dishes made of Hungarian fishes at the Old Tanyacsarda


29-30th November 2014 Saturday-Sunday
Pig-killing feast dishes on Andrew’s Day at the Old Tanyacsarda
(Vidékjáró thematic days)
In the Hungarian villages pigs are killed traditionally from Andrew’s Day. As a recall of this tradition a lot of Hungarian people hold a pig-killing on Andrew’s Day. In these days typical Hungarian pig-killing feast food can be found on our menu.
Main organizers: Tanyacsárda Kft., Falusi Vendégasztal Szolgáltatók Egyesülete, FATOSZ



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